Many of us suppose Abuja is the “gelato” capital of Nigeria, the place all we do is revel in, flex and spend cash like “day after today no dey.” I imply, individuals who don’t are living in Abuja usually see Abuja as Nigeria’s London. A spot the place cash flows like water, the place everybody lives like a king. Now, I professional perceive what other people within the in a foreign country, who’ve other people in Nigeria repeatedly harassing them for cash, undergo.

Whilst you are living in Abuja, listed here are one of the belongings you undergo:

1. Since you are living in Abuja, which qualifies as Nigeria’s London, you might be underneath power from friends and family. Pals will likely be like, “Abeg, I listen say civil defence dey recruit and na for Abuja dem dey do am. You have compatibility hyperlink me up?” Nysc posting too, they’re asking you to name somebody.

2. Prolonged members of the family start to harass you for his or her wishes. Their telephone were given misplaced and so they want a alternative; water spoilt their telephone; the roof is leaking—you listen all forms of ridiculous stuff. All of your prolonged cousins start to name you regularly with out essentially announcing the rest, however you already know the place they’re going. Each time it’s, “Aunty, I simply say make I listen your voice,” which is the Nigerian model of “Anything else for the men?”Or “To find me one thing abeg.”

3. Everybody unexpectedly needs to go together with you. Pals of buddies, youngsters of your mother or father’s buddies, and many others., in case you’ll attach them.

4. They ask you when you find yourself coming house each and every time such a lot that you just grow to be petrified of travelling for Christmas. They’ll use their eyes to pass judgement on you, to look your frame and baggage whether or not there are really indicators of Abuja gelato on you.

5. They guilt shuttle you with phrases like, “You’ve gotten forgotten me abi?” in an instant you pick out their calls, or they blackmail you that you just’ve unexpectedly grow to be so busy that you’ll’t pick out their calls once more.

6. They malicious program you for kilishi whenever you announce you might be coming house. 😀😁

Everybody believes that if you’ll are living in Abuja effectively for years, then you definitely should have in reality arrived. They are aware of it is an overly pricey town to are living in. Stories about Abuja we’ve been listening to since formative years does now not assist issues too. How the streets of Abuja are easy and smartly tarred. How there aren’t any buses aside from cabs that might simplest raise you (drop). How meals and housing is pricey.

Once more, since the seat of presidency is in Abuja, they routinely suppose that sooner than cash will get to different puts, it should have flown at the streets of Abuja.
Some even name to know about Buhari and in case you are seeing him continuously. Everyone addresses you as “Eyin eeyan Buhari” (Buhari’s other people).

Expensive Abroadians,

Now I perceive your struggles and ache over our Naija individuals who received’t help you leisure with their “Give me, assist me,” as a result of they believe you might have all of it in combination. They believe cash flows at the streets in a foreign country.

So long as you might be an Abroadian or Abuja resident and also you declare to be broke, they’re going to pick out offence. They may be able to by no means consider you. How are you able to be broke? You’re simply stingy.

No one has ever referred to as me in six years to invite in the event that they must ship even as low as dodo ikire (it’s a delicacy made in my village; if you already know, you already know) or elubo isu to me. All they may be able to do is ask for one favour or the opposite.

Expensive Fellow Nigerians,

Should you didn’t know sooner than, know this nowadays. Abuja isn’t a gelato town. We don’t have all of it in combination. We paintings exhausting. We save each and every penny and spend it on area hire, meals and college charges. We’re all on this in combination. We’re much more broke than a few of you. Yeah, we benefit from the particular eyes you employ to have a look at us on account of the standing of residing within the country’s capital. However that’s really the place it ends. Everybody in nowadays’s Nigeria is deficient, aside from politicians.

Who can relate?

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